The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have taken a step in the protection of athletes from harassment and abuse by launching a toolkit to assist International Sports Federations (IFs) and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to develop and implement athlete-safeguarding policies and procedures.

Building on existing guidelines and medical consensus statements, this step-by-step guide focuses on organisational and competition-specific safeguarding policies. It is reinforced with key research, recommendations and case studies across the Olympic Movement, and offers a solution-based approach.

Member Federations can download it here:


Developing a cutting edge worldwide structure to handle referee training, qualification, development and assessing is quite a project, but that is exactly what WSF, in partnership with PSA, are embarking upon.

Planning has been ongoing, costings compiled and now, subject to sign-off of the arrangements, the ‘build’ will begin.

Here is a flavour of what is intended for the programme, which will be called WORLD SQUASH OFFICIATING (WSO):

  • The tag line for WSO will be LEVEL UP, and in total there will be six levels.

~ The first level, an introductory online quiz-based course for players of all ages and playing standards, which will provide an insight into rules and match management.

~ There will be five levels of qualification, from an initial refereeing level, running upwards to those who have reached the highest global level.

  • Much will be web-based, but at higher levels assessment will feature too.
  • It will help kick-start refereeing structures nationally where they may not exist, provide resources that other countries may adopt. It will also enable those countries that have established programmes to transfer referees into equivalent levels in the initial period.
  • The introductory level will be free to take (encouraging maximum worldwide take up)
  • For the five qualification levels it is intended that a significant percentage of all online course fees will be rebated to the nation of the candidate to support further local refereeing resourcing.
  • Nations will not be required to replace their national courses and qualifications with WSO ones, though encouraged to do so.
  • The full description of level requirements and procedures, along with full general details is intended to be published in early 2018, before the first levels go live in May 2018.
  • A Resource Centre for all players, coaches, administrators and squash enthusiasts generally as well as referees will be incorporated.
  • The preparation is being done by the WSO Consultant Group, featuring representatives from each Region and led by Roy Gingell and Lee Drew.
  • The funding for WSO development is a joint investment from WSF and PSA.

WSO will soon be live, and with it the impetus to increase Rules and match management knowledge, improve player conduct, enlarge the refereeing pool and raise officiating standards.



The entry form for this event taking place in Chennai, India has been circulated to Members. The deadline for entries is 18 January (with the entry fee payment deadline being 19 February).


Members are reminded that the deadline for tenders to be received from nations wishing to host 2020 WSF World Championships (World Junior, Women’s Team, Masters and Doubles) is 31 December this year. If information on any of these events is required please contact the WSF office.


If you have any events or other interesting news that you think would be of interest to the wider squash world and would like us to share it on the WSF Facebook page, please don’t hesitate to send the WSF Office the details


The WSF World Calendar is updated monthly; you can add your National Championships to it here.


Full details can be found here along with a list of National Course Managers.


The current edition of the WSF Directory with updated National Federation addresses, WSF Commission details, and much more besides is on the WSF website. Please check your information and let us know of any changes for the next edition please.




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