WORLD SQUASH DAY: October 13th 2018

I am delighted to be writing to you all with some wonderful news about World Squash Day 2018, which takes place on Saturday October 13th.

By now you will have all received the Official Invitation and Information Sheet from Andrew Shelley at the WSF.

As well as asking federations to encourage every club and squash facility to hold Open Days to promote our wonderful sport on World Squash Day, I have some exciting news about raising funds for squash federations who may appreciate some help.

My friend Stuart Sharp, a squash lover and composer, is to re-release his song Spirit of Africa. Stuart and the record label have given permission for it be the Official Song of World Squash Day.

It was first recorded during a huge charity concert organised by Stuart in Zambia in January 1990. As part of his mission he distributed hundreds of squash rackets in the shanty towns.

Without any formal musical training, Stuart went on to write four symphonies, which have all been recorded by the world’s leading orchestras.

Hollywood are making a movie about his incredible life. It has a working title of The Gift and is currently in production.

Stuart first got involved with squash as a homeless man living in the back of his car in the car park at Wembley Squash Centre in London.

He crept inside to grab a shower and to watch Jahangir Khan training with Rahmat and they ended up befriending each other.

Stuart flew round the world with the Khans, filming Jahangir’s greatest triumphs, and he possesses an extraordinary archive of footage from that amazing era for squash.

Stuart is still very keen to help the game in Africa and he has generously offered to donate all of his royalties from the song to good causes in squash, and to support the homeless.

We would appreciate it if everybody on this list could let me have email addresses for any radio stations who might give plenty of air time to the song in the hope that this will boost sales / downloads / royalties.

It really is a wonderful song: Spirit Of Africa, The Official Song of World Squash Day.

In the coming weeks Stuart will be making several guest appearances on TV and radio stations in the UK and beyond to promote the song, and we want to encourage squash players all over the world to bombard their local radio stations to get as many plays as we can.

During that time we will decide on a method to distribute the funds to deserving causes.

World Squash Day provides an opportunity for all of us who love this game to work together to give something back and help the game to grow.

Please feel  free to get in touch if you require any further information.

With very best wishes,

Alan Thatcher


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