Tournament Accreditation 2024


  • PLEASE complete a separate form for every tournament for which you require accreditation.
  • Please get the endorsement from your Province/Region before submitting the form. By submitting the form, you confirm that the Province/Region approves the tournament.
  • All entries must be done through the SportyHQ portal and only registered players may be allowed to enter.
  • Scores must be loaded onto SportyHQ to be used for ranking purposes.
  • The deadline for accreditation submissions is 30 November 2022. If sponsors are secured after the deadline, a submission must be made 3 months before the starting date of the tournament to be considered.
  • Please note that tournaments will be allocated dates in the following priority order: national events, PSA events, Provincial open, Provincial closed with USSA, SA Masters, and SA Schools events allocated thereafter. Squash SA will allocate dates at its sole discretion. Should a club or province continue with an event in contravention of the dates allocated, Squash SA reserves the right to take further action against the club or province.


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I understand that (1) if I, my club or province does not host or postpone the abovementioned tournament or change dates without advising Squash SA at least 3 weeks before the start date of the tournament a penalty of R500 will be charged to me, my club and/or my province, (2) all Provincial Closed tournaments (Seniors) need to be played within the week allocated on the calendar, (3) all COVID tournament protocols need to be adhered to, (4) all entry forms and results must go through SportyHQ, (5) all tournament results to be forwarded to Squash SA after the tournament has been completed.