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  1. Hi I would like to know about Junior squash. I am the sports co-ordinator at Crawford North Coast and would like to know what I need to do in order to compete in leagues, know about trials etc.



  2. Dear Leigh
    Apologies for only replying now – Sean Adams is the chair of Dolphin Coast Squash – his e-mail is but I would imagine that Dave Stevens – chair of KZN SQuash (which is basically Durban ) at can put you in contact with those organising Durban schools.
    Sally White is the chair of KZN Schools which is the whole province and she is
    Leigh I really hope you can get things going as we have missed junior squash in your area.

    • Hello Liz,
      I am in the process of writing a book on squash and covers many years that I have played overseas. I was president and founder of the NSRA (Niagara Squash Rackets Association) from 1976 to 2000 and competed in many international Masters competitions in several countries and would like to ask you many questions. How are you and shark hunting better half. Kind thoughts Barry

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