Squash SA Referee Ratification

The Squash SA Refereeing Sub-Committee has spent the last 14 months taking the Squash SA referees through a ratification process to better align South African Refereeing with World standards and to update the Squash SA Referees list. The new Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) Programme came into effect in January 2016 and all current referees had 12 months to comply with the new standards of the programme via transitional arrangements that were put into place. New Referees were also taken through this new programme.

The Refereeing Sub-Committee is pleased to announce the new list of Referees along with their qualification levels as follows:

Referee list summary Mar 2017The Refereeing Sub-Committee requests the Squash SA Executive to confirm the above appointments so that certificates can be issued for the first 3-year cycle to 29 February 2020. All Referees will be required to renew their qualifications based on the requirements of the CBTA every 3 years.

Moving Forward

The Refereeing Sub-Committee recognizes that the structure is a little top-heavy and our goal moving forward will be to recruit more Club Referees across the country initially, with a view to identifying any talented individuals to progress to Provincial level and beyond. Ultimately, we will be looking to have at least one Provincial/Tournament Referee in each Province to help train up more Club Referees and assist with the talent identification process.

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