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Mark Sachvie A Celebration of Life

A Sport Called Squash

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Squash’s Perfect Storm

GQ: America’s D****iest Colleges

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In Loving Memory: Mark Sachvie
Squash Ontario President Mark Sachvie died unexpectedly this past week.

Sachvie touched many lives with his tireless efforts to promote and grow the game of squash.

He was a wonderful man and a role model for us all.

To see Squash Ontario’s tribute, please   click here.

Mark Sachvie A Celebration of Life
Squash Canada has released details on a Celebration of Mark Sachvie’s Life ceremony to be held Thursday, December 5.

To see Squash Canada’s announcement, please    click here. 

A Sport Called Squash
Squash Ezine has uncovered the private code to the documentary “A Sport Called Squash,” which features several pro players but focuses on former Canadian champ Shahier Razik.

To enjoy this documentary, you will need to use this password: “squash321”

More importantly, you will have to be the kind of person that lives for squash.

To see this video, please click here.  Click quick before they change the password.  

Quick Feet
Here’s a quick video from the folks at McCaw Method showing one way to work on quick feet.

To see this video, please     click here  

Squash’s Perfect Storm

Richard Millman looked at another failed Olympic bid, no Women’s World Championships, a PSA chief embarrassing the sport amid all sorts of allegations, the WSA in doubt on their ability to grow the women’s game,  and the PSA and WSA World Series Finals indefinitely postponed and it seemed to much to endure.

This past week the squash scribe called this the Perfect Storm for squash. And he believes it’s time for major change.

To see Millman’s article on Squash Mad, please   click here. 

GQ: America’s 25 D****iest Colleges
Because a squash match is a popular Saturday night activity at Trinity College, it helped GQ call it one of America’s 25 Douchiest Colleges.  (ouch)

But don’t worry Bantams fans, you aren’t alone. The majority of the list is squash schools:

1) Brown University
2) Duke University
3) Princeton University
4) Harvard University
7) Amherst College
11) New York University
15) Notre Dame
16) University of Southern California
17) University of Chicago
18) Boston University
21) Trinity College

22) Vassar College 

25) University of Virginia 


To see GQ’s article, please  click here.

TRUTH & Rumors

  • We honestly wondered if WSA hadclosed its doors last weekend. The tour’s website was down for several days. But Squash Republicappeared to be the only wondering what happened when they Tweeted this.
    • What’s worse for the WSA?
      • That there site was down for several days or that no one cared.
  • SquashSite used to have an active fan forum page (Let’s Talk Squash), where fans could share ideas. The forum is still there, but the censorship of “unacceptable” thought appears to have dampened fan interest in using the forum.
  • Several media outlets have reported that India‘s #1 female squasher Dipika Pallikal is now engaged to India cricketerDinesh Karthik.
  • Brits are happy that the British Open will be returning to an inside arena next time. Although last year’s event was received poorly because of frigid temperatures and awful viewing, Dr. Allam should be applauded for trying something new.
  • Amr Shabana has now impressively been in the PSA top 10 for a decade. He joins legends Thierry Lincou and David Palmer in showing that kind of consistency.
  • Top level squash coach Paul Selby took a hard shot at a referee here on Twitter. Although any punter can complain about squash referees, Selby happens to be a top mind in our sport.
  • Those rascals at SquashMad.com were poking Nick Matthew on Twitter this week over his squash shoes. Nick, who loves his Twitter, slapped ’em back hard enough that they felt obliged to print a puff piece for the reigning Champ. #GettingSoft
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