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Lincou to Defend Cleveland Title

Cleveland’s Urban Squash Program Thriving

Squash Profiled on FOX-TV 8

Vassar’s Jane Parker

Father of Trinity Squash Under Fire

Question of the Week

Squash Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Program

Truth & Rumors

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Lincou to Defend Cleveland Title This Week
Thierry Lincou will head to Cleveland, Ohio this week to defend his Cleveland Classic title.

Waiting for him will be David Palmer, who won the tournament in 2011.

To see PST’s coverage, please click here.

Cleveland’s Urban Squash Program Thriving
Urban Squash Cleveland is an intensive program that includes squash instruction, study time, travel, and community service.

“The whole thing is education and squash,” said Jack Herrick, one of the three founding members of the program.

To see Cleveland.com’s coverage, please click here.

Squash Profiled on FOX-TV 8
Cleveland’s Ray Lindsay and FOX TV’s Kenny Crumpler had a morning hit today on FOX News 8 as part of their intro to squash.

To see the interview, please click here.

Vassar’s Jane Parker
Jane Parker is one of America’s most qualified college coaches.

But she is far too polite and modest to tell you so.

To learn more about Jane, please click here.

Father of Trinity Squash Under Fire
Before he became President of Westfield State University, Evan Dobelle was the President of Trinity College.

The story is often told of Dobelle’s plan to create a squash dynasty by changing the recruiting emphasis at Trinity.

His plan worked and Trinity has dominated men’s college squash for over a decade.

Today, Dobelle is the President of Westfield State University and is fighting to keep his job amid accusations of misuse of university funds.

To see ABC TV 40’s coverage, please click here.

Question of the Week
This week we’re outsourcing our Question of the Week to those clever guys at SquashMad.com.

At 10-10 in game five, Alison Waters and Donna Urquhart bumped one another and a challenge to the initial decision ensued.

We encourage you to engage in the debate by clicking here.

Squash Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Program
Squash Canada recently announced a Long Term Athlete Development Program.

To see Squash Canada’s overview, please click here.


TRUTH & Rumors
  • US Squash announced (here) that the Naval Academy won theIntercollegiate Doubles Title this past week… What?
    • Since neither College Squashnor the NCAA nor any college conference sanctioned the event, US Squash may be stretching the truth a little (read: a lot) by calling their event an intercollegiate championship.
    • Actually, we’re pretty sure any coach who was court side watching his players compete, while wearing their uniform was breaking college squash’s rules.
  • But College Squash‘s loosely run organization invites this kind of confusion.
    • Remember when George Washington University‘s newspaper reported that the squash team won anational championship after the team finished the season ranked 17th? Read the story here.
  • Thinking of squash camps yet for next summer? Squash and Beyond didn’t become the biggest program in America by accident. Here’s their site: SquashandBeyond.com.
  • We’ve noticed that American kids love the flash and sizzle of Egypt’s Ramy Ashour. But young Egyptians prefer the legendary Amr Shabana. Young Americans should ask why.
  • Pakistan cancelled the junior national tournament, which was to be held later this month, because the long held suspicion of players lying about their age has become too obvious to ignore. It’s tough when the U-11 national champion has a full beard.
  • PST is back in Cleveland, Ohio this week. The tour’s top man calls it his favorite stop on the circuit.
  • Rumor has it that International Man of Leisure Scott Dennehas left sleepy Sante Fe, New Mexico to reprise his role chasing cougars in Phoenix, Arizona. Look out ladies!
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