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The Crowd Goes Wild
What Makes a Sports Parent
Tufts #YOLO Question Creates Stir
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Our Men’s College Pre-Season Picks
John Fry New US Squash Chairman
Court Maintenance
Pro Squash Attempts to Go Big Time
Study Finds Elite Degrees Do Not Necessary Earn More
Last Week’s Question
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Losing Muscle Power As We age
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The Crowd Goes Wild
The Crowd Goes Wild is New Zealand’s slightly twisted look at sports.But we couldn’t turn away.
To see the interview with Joelle King and Amanda Landers-Murphy, please click here.


What Makes a Sports Parent and What Makes a Nightmare
Hundreds of college athletes were asked to think back: “What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?”Their overwhelming response: “The ride home from games with my parents.”To see the Post Game’s article, please click here.


Tufts #Yolo Question Creates a Stir
YOLO [YO-low]: An acronym meaning “You only live once.” Meant to elicit a carefree attitude, willing to take chances.Also, the subject of an essay question to get into one of the best universities in the country, and its creating quite a stir.Time Magazine: here
LA Times: here
The Atlantic Wire: here
Boston.com: here
ABC News: here
Business Insider: here
Salon.com: here
New Republic: here
BarStool Sports: here
Washington Monthly: here
College Candy: here


Pro Squash Store
Pro Squash Store is an online store powered by Amazon.The prices are exactly the same as Amazon, but Amazon.com will return a percentage of sales purchasedthrough Pro Squash Store back to support the sport of squash.And you aren’t limited to squash gear. Any Amazon product is available for purchase. So, even if you buy a book, a CD, or a microwave oven, you’ll be supporting squash.To visit Pro Squash Store, please click here.


Squash Ezine’s Pre-Season
Men’s College Top 25
1.    St. Lawrence University: the best #1 and #2 in the  country and our pick to win it all2.    Harvard University: young talent and great coaching3.    Yale University: winning the final match will mean the most4.    Trinity College: end of an era starts now5.    University of Rochester: talent, combined with world class coaching6.    Cornell University: good recruits and solid coaching7.    Princeton University: transitioning8.    Bates College: the bad boys of the NESCAC are now elite

9.    Franklin and Marshall College: eccentric coach, strong team

10.  Dartmouth College: good, not great

11.  University of Western Ontario: always a tough pick

12.  Columbia University: plateauing?

13.  U. Penn: solid coach

14.  Naval Academy: Made in America takes you only so far

15.  Drexel University: a January recruit could change the equation

16.  Brown University: the smartest team with the nicest coach

17.  Williams College: off year for great program

18.  Wesleyan University: trending right for coach of the year

19.  Middlebury College: new building and new energy

20.  Bowdoin College: young talent means future full of hope

21.  George Washington University: this pick could be low, but there are so many good programs now

22.  Colby College: great vibe to a good team

23.  Amherst College: slowly moving down the rankings

24.  Hamilton College: sportsmanlike group

25.  Tufts University: Jumbo Fever, Catch It!

Feel free to tell us how wrong we are and defend your school.

To add your comments to the Squash Ezine Blog, please click here.


John Fry US Squash Chairman
US Squash has a habit of tapping first-class, leadership for their Board. That trend will continue as Drexel University’s John Fry takes the reigns.Fry is a smart, pragmatic, effective leader.To see US Squash’s announcement, please click here.


Court Maintenance from New Zealand
Dusty courts? Moisture? Need to clean the walls?Squash New Zealand has great resources for you and your club.To see Squash New Zealand’s articles, please click here.


Pro Squash Attempts to Go Big Time
The year was 1984 and squash’s WPSA leaders were in Boston telling the Christian Science Monitor that they were on the verge of going big time.The story could have just as easily been written today.To read the Christian Science Monitor article, please click here.


Study Finds Elite Degrees Do Not Necessarily earn More
According to a report released by the American Institutes for Research, graduates of elite colleges and universities don’t necessarily make more money than their counterparts at less well-known schools.To see Hechinger Report’s coverage of the study completed by the American Institutes for Research, please click here.


Last Week’s Question
Last week we asked you if you want squash to try again to get into the Olympics. Over 80% of you said yes.Below are the comments made in addition to the answers:– “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Churchill– The momentum has been built. There is still hope for the future. Squash is growing.
-Because it will get in
-A great batch of juniors are in the making, they can carry the us team
-Just because the voters were senseless doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try again
-Never give up
-Now let’s re-evaulate why we changed a formerly great scoring system for recreational players to better our odds of getting into the olympics before our sport goes the way of racquetball. In about 15 or 20 years.
-Let’s face it, until it is a big money American sport and until the world gets over hating Pakistan and Egypt it WILL NOT Happen! -What a waste of resources and direction.
-How about enforcing swing pattern refereeing and conduct rules for Juniors and making it safer for developing players instead –
-Disappointing but we should be in the Olympics and it will mean everything to our athletes unlike perhaps golfers who earn megabucks anyway.
-We don’t stop playing after the first game, lets beat these corrupt fools
-Many sports thrive without the Olympics. Bigger sports like Motor Sports, Cricket and Rugby League all do not ry to get into the olympics and concentrate on growing their sports. Obviously in an ideal world the Olympics would be great but we cannot as a sport afford the distraction in terms of effort and finance, We need to make our sport as succesful as possible.
-It would be great but we dont need the Olympics. Lets accept it and join other global sports outside the Olympics.To see last week’s results, please click here.


Losing Muscle Power As We Age
“The deterioration of muscle is compounded by a loss of muscle strength, which really begins to decline around age 50 and appears to be a factor in the visible decrease in mobility people exhibit around age 80,” adds Fielding, a professor at the Friedman School.To read the Tufts Nutrition article, please click here.


TRUTH & Rumors

  • Team Sherbini noticed us noticing them on Twitter. (here)
  • Why do Harrow racquets brake on the side of the frame seemingly for no reason at all?
  • PSASquashTV commentators Joey Barrington and Paul Johnson have sizzle and flash that excites the masses. However, insiders are increasingly valuing Lee Drew‘s insightful commentary. Drew is taking care to prepare for each broadcast and is aware of the back story on most players.
  • US Squash is saying (here) that their US Open will reach up to 200 million fans across the globe this year.
    • This must be rather embarrassing for them since last year they said (here) that they reached 1.2 billion fans.
    • So… this year’s US Open will reach a billion fewer fans?
  • It’s ok though. According to ESPN (here), the NFL was also frustrated when only 108 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl.
    • And Roger Goodell should be frustrated. Football is much more popular in the U.S. than squash. And somehow, US Squash’s quarterback can potentially attract twice as many viewers as the NFL.
  • Squash Ezine has a website called SquashEzine.com.
    • Since 2.5 billion people have access to this new thing called the internet (which is where we cleverly placed our website), we’re thinking about telling our advertisers they can reach a potential audience of 2.5 billion Squash Ezine readers.
  • On College Squash‘s website here, they write “There has been a disturbing trend everywhere from junior to professional level squash for players to play to create stroke positions rather than playing to take points to winning conclusions.”  #Truth
  • Hey Mo,
    • Mohibullah ‘Mo’ Khan “the elder” won the 1963 British Open and his friend President John Kennedyhelped get him the head pro job at Boston’sHarvard Club.
    • Mohibullah Khan “the junior” reached the finals of the World Open (’75) and British Open (’76) and was Jansher Khan‘s older brother. His career basically ended when he was convicted of smugglingcannabis into the U.K. and was sentenced to eight years in jail.
    • Despite the name, historians do not think they were related.
  • Bates College coach Pat Cosquer was trash talking withTufts University Coach Joe McManus at a college recruiting camp over the summer.
    • Cosquer reminded McManus that when they wereyounger and fitter men, he beat McManus 3-1 the one and only time they met on court.
    • For his part, McManus said he didn’t remember the match.
    • Sure, Joe. Sure.


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