WSF Board policy is that any player, of any age, who competes in an individual open event, whether in the athlete’s country or abroad, needs to have a SPIN.

World and Regional Championships and the World Junior Circuit, for example, already require all entrants to hold a SPIN in order to enter.

The benefits are detailed in the attached and the professionalism that it brings to event coordination is clear, so your support, if not already in place, would be welcomed.

SPIN Registration for your players can provide you your own national database that you can access to handle event entries, draws and to provide information too. Half of all SPIN Registrations (which, after all, only costs GBP10 for life), are rebated to regions for developmental use.

Thank you to all the many MNFs who have already adopted SPIN and if any others require any further information please let the WSF Office know.


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