Second hand stringing machine

Does anyone know of a second hand stringing machine which could be donated or purchased for a very reasonable price, please?

Johnny Munro has been involved in development in Mthatha since at least 1988. Clinton, Nathan and Tim Leeuw are just a few of the players who have been motivated, encourages and coached by him.

As an educator, he has made a huge impact on many lives. His squash tours have combined education (geography/history/life skills etc etc ) with the journey to the venue. For 25 years he has organised a squash camp at Wavecrest ,  a highlight for everyone.

Johnny is looking for a stringing machine as there is no one in Mthatha whot strings rackets and will then train Doris who works at the squash club  – everyone wins – Doris can earn some extra money too.

Please let Liz Addison at Squash SA know if someone has one somewhere on tel. +27 (0)11 442 8056.

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