Squash SA Safeguarding Incident Recording Form

If an incident or concern is immediate and there is a risk of significant harm to a child or an adult that they need protection, then call your local SAPS and/or Social Services.

Once the matter has been referred then complete this form and submit to SA Squash.

This form should be used by club or event officials to record the details of any concerns raised. A copy will be sent to the National Safeguarding Officer at Squash SA - safeguarding@squashsa.co.za . All efforts must be made to keep the information
confidential. The information should only be shared with those that need to know if it is in the best interest of the child or vulnerable adult. The form should be completed for all levels of concern, even where no immediate action may be necessary.

Your Details

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Details of person concern is attributed to

Details of alleged victim

Description of the incident(s) (please include as much detail as possible. If a child or vulnerable adult talked to you, write down the exact details of the conversation – remember not to lead them. Please include any other information including location, number of incidents, any witness details etc
Please indicate if you are in contact with any other bodies concerning this incident and include a contact name, address, and telephone number.
Or details of their advice

South African Police Service (SAPS)

Or details of their advice