To all squash players

Squash South Africa has entered into an agreement with SportyHQ, a sports management platform in providing membership management, live rankings, league platforms, tournament platform as well as other club services. SportyHQ is currently being utilised by Tennis South Africa and we believe the services they are offering adds value to our squash communities nationwide.

Online transactions are now possible for memberships, tournament entries as well as league entries. All memberships must be renewed online, no more direct paying to Squash South Africa’s bank account. For your convenience you can pay with a credit card or EFT.

Please see the instructions guide on how to sign up and pay your membership fees

An e-mail will also be sent out to existing Squash SA members to activate your account on Sporty HQ during the course of Tuesday 14 March 2017.  The link will be provided in the e-mail.

The SportyHQ scoring app can be downloaded from IOS App store as well as Google Store search for SportyHQ or Score Squash. The app is integrated with their tournament and league platform and updates continuously.

We are pleased to have partnered with SportyHQ, we ask your patience during the next few days as we move through the initial activation period. We are all very excited about the value and services being offered to the squash community. We encourage you to use the latest browsers. Please note that some older IE browsers are not supported anymore. For your safety and enjoyment please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or the most recent Internet Explorer browser.




Registration — 49 Comments

  1. The invoice that I got when registering states a different account number(00 398 8910) than the one on this website. (0222 77129)

    Which should I use?

  2. trying to register, but it will not allow my email address
    even when i put in an alternative , it keeps telling me it is invalid.
    help please

  3. 2016 WSF World Masters Squash Championships
    23 – 30 September 2016
    (Play will begin on Sat 24 September)
    SQUASHBOK NEWS # 1 dated 14 November 2015.

    I have my Squash South Africa REGISTRATION Number and my WSF SPIN number, but if I follow the link as per the Newsletter it indicates Entry Delay.

    IS the regsitration still not open or must we follow another process.

  4. Please can there be a place on the website where we can simply insert a players name to obtain their registration no and details.

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  6. I think your new payment gateway is quite poor. It is clunky and hard to work with. I have been trying to make a payment and generate an invoice for about 30 minutes now with no success.

  7. Yes, please, how the hell do we find registration numbers? I registered my daughter last year and paid etc, now I need to put her SA squash registration number in for a tournament entry, and I haven’t a clue what it is, or how to access it. Please help.

    • Yes, please, how do we find registration numbers? I have paid the fee and received invoice and confirmation that it has be paid. But no info on where to find the number needed to put into the form for league.

  8. I have paid for my son but have received no confirmation and the website would not process an invoice. Please advise and advise if he is registered, thanks

  9. Hi Sonja. My husband spoke to you inconnection with our 2 kids registration with SA Squash. I ve paid over the internet(R80) and invoice no is 56c31e6b957b6. Could you please e mail both kids registration number. We could not log in….and need numbers for a tournament. Thanx Sonja !

  10. Hi, I’m wondering whether anybody can help me. On my Sport:80 home page (called the dashboard) when I click on the “Events” tab it says the following “No Available Events
    Sorry there are currently no events that you are eligible to enter. Please check back soon.”

    Does anybody have the same issue? Does anybody know how to resolve this? When I watch the tutorial video on how to enter an event, the person conducting the video clicks on the “Events” tab and a long list of tournaments comes up…

    Thanks for any help!

  11. Hi I have still not received my Squash SA Registration number. My payment was processed on the 4th of March and my invoice number is 56d995c7ec314 – Please forward my number urgently.

    Many thanks

  12. I paid for membership a while ago and my payment is not reflecting on the Sport80 website – please confirm why?

  13. Hello, I have paid on Tuesday already, and my payment is still not reflecting on the Sport80 website, please help.

  14. I’m an IT systems architect and this is WORST site I have ever had the misfortune of having to work with! Shocking!

    • Leigh
      Thank you for the comment. I presume you are referring to the Individual Registration Scheme. If you need any assistance in registering please contact Lynette Pretorius on 011 4428056.
      Since your comment the suppliers have produced and easier page on which to register.
      enjoy your squash.

  15. I am wanting to register players but when I click on the protection policy it diverts straight back to the Squash SA home page and no protection policy appears. I am afraid I cannot register anyone without first having access to and reading the protection policy first.
    Please advise soonest.

  16. Good day. I cannot set up the registration on my computer to renew my sons membership his registration no is 101672 Storm Bezuidenhout. Dont know what route to take now. Regards Rene Goosen

  17. I have two sons who are playing for their schools and will be playing in an upcoming ranking tournament . Is the procedure the same for registering school children , it asks for a club and they do not belong to a club

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  19. I don’t think I have paid this year but can’t remember getting an invoice.

    Can you arrange to send or re-send so I can make payment.

    Thank you

  20. I have paid a full year membership on Sport 80 for 2017. Now you have changed your platform and I have paid again for registration. Why should I pay twice

  21. Can i have the registration number for Karabelo Mohapi so that i can register him in a tournament in Bloemfontein

    Can you also send a link so that i can register Karabelo Mohapi for 2018 membership. I cant find the way to register from your platform.

  22. Hi Please may I have Bhavna Ramdhin and Ruvay Ramdhin squash SA numbers in order to enter a tournament in KZN.

  23. Please help, I am going round in circles. I have the registration numbers for both my boys, however I can not manage to log in and check if my eldest’s membership is up to date for 2019. IPT’s is around the corner and I need your assistance urgently!

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