Prohibited List 2015

To WSF Member Nations, PSA and WSA athletes:

The 2015 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods will come into effect 1 January 2015. There are some clarifications and a few additions to some of the categories, there is nothing that has been removed from the list and no substantive changes.

The full list can be found at:


As always, check the current Prohibited List if you are prescribed any medications or think of taking over the counter medicines. There are also some differences between in-competition and out-of-competition prohibited substances which might affect you around taking medications for colds and ‘flu.


Remember that the new 2015 Anti-Doping Code means all athletes must take responsibility for what they ingest, meaning anything you eat or drink and anything that enters your body. If a substance is in your body you are responsible for it. In legal terms, this is called strict liability. In the new Code, it is no excuse that you did not know what was in a substance that you have taken. The basic rule is: if you don’t know what is in a substance or whether it is acceptable – don’t take it. If you are prescribed a medication, make sure the physician checks the Prohibited List before you accept the prescription. Any number of common medications including some painkillers that are narcotics or contain narcotics and treatments for colds and the ‘flu can contain prohibited substances. Simple painkillers that are single agents (not a mixture of drugs) such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin are acceptable.


Regulation of dietary substances can be very lax. it is not unusual for supplements marketed in health food stores or over the internet to contain prohibited substances that are not disclosed on the product label. A significant number of positive anti-doping tests are attributed to mislabeled or contaminated supplements. Be wary of products that, among other things, claim to build muscle, aid in recovery, provide energy or help with weight loss. Because you will be held strictly liable for the consequences of a positive test caused by a mislabeled supplement, the best advice is: do not  take the supplement if there could be any doubt as to what it might contain.


Squash is a sport that emulates fair play, a tribute to all of you. It is clean sport. Let’s keep it that way.

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