Play Clean Tip Line

To WSF Member Nations, PSA and WSA

The use of performance enhancing drugs has not been an issue within the sport of squash, with only a few positive tests resulting in athlete sanctions. A clean sport allows athletes to play true and compete on a level playing field. However, when a sport becomes more competitive and more profitable, doing well becomes increasingly important and sometimes athletes do use performance enhancing drugs. Other athletes or support personnel may be aware that this is happening but may not be able to influence an athlete or the support personnel providing the drug.


In that respect and as a requirement of the new WADA Code, the WSF has established a ‘Play Clean Tip Line’ whereby anyone can anonymously provide information to WSF about potential drug use. The identity of the person providing information about the use or supply of performance enhancing drugs is confidential, unless that person chooses to provide that.


The use of the ‘Play Clean Tip Line’ applies both to knowledge of athletes using performance enhancing drugs and to knowledge of those supplying the drugs, which is also very important. The ‘Play Clean Tip Line’ can be found on the WSF website at:

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