Keith Grainger Memorial UCT Open Squash Championships 25 April – 1 May 2014

At this stage this is the only jointly registered WSA and  PSA event in South Africa and the top seeds are:
Salma Nassar – 67 in the World from Egypt
Thomas Ford – 117 in the World from England
The SA Squash public are encouraged to pop down and watch some great squash and get involved by:
1)      Hosting any international players for the week in Cape Town, please contact me.
2)      Bring their child down to the courts on Fri 25 April at 14h00 to meet and be coached by PSA/WSA players.
3)      Want to get involved by helping sponsor some prizes for the event or offer sponsorship boards.
All UCT Squash Alumni are encouraged to attend the finals day lunch, we are trying to get UCT Alumni together and gather as much history on UCT squash that has been lost over the years.
This is the programme for the week:
Friday 25 April 2014
·         09h00 All players arrive and registrar at UCT Sports Centre.
·         10h00-13h00 1st Round Matches PSA Qualifiers event (losers are placed in Open)
·         14h00-16h00 School players are coached by PSA/WSA players
Saturday 26 April 2014
·         14h00-17h00 1st/2nd Round Matches – WSA/PSA Qualifiers (losers are placed in Open)
·         18h00-20h00 Opening Function & men draw announcement at UCT Squash Club
Sunday 27 April 2014
·         10h00 1st Round Open event.
·         10h00 2nd Round Qualifiers – WSA
·         13h00-14h00 Lunch at the UCT Squash Clubhouse & WSA Draw announcement
·         14h00 2nd Round Open event.
·         17h00-21h30 1st Round Matches – PSA Main Draw
Monday 28 April 2014 – SA Public Holiday – Freedom Day
·         10h00 3rd Round Open event.
·         15h00-19h30 2nd Round Matches – PSA/WSA Main Draw 1st Round match
·         19h00-23h00 Specials at the UCT Squash Clubhouse
Tuesday 29 April 2014
·         18h00 4th Round Open event
·         19h45-22h00 3rd Round Matches (Quarter Finals) – PSA/WSA Main Draw
·         19h00-24h00 Specials at UCT Squash Club House
Wednesday 30 April 2014
·         18h00 5th Round Open event
·         19h45-22h00 3rd Round Matches (Semi Finals) – PSA/WSA Main Draw
·         19h00-24h00 Specials at UCT Squash Club House
Thursday 1 May 2014 – SA Public Holiday – Womens Day
·         11h00 – Open Women’s Final
·         12h00 – Open Men’s Final
·         13h00 – 14h00 Lunch at the UCT Squash Clubhouse, UCT Alumni invited to attend.
·         14h00 – WSA Women’s Final                 
·         15h00 – PSA Men’s Final
·         16h30 – Prize Giving & Closing Function at UCT Squash Club House
Look forward to entries and responses from people who are keen to get involved.

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