Junior players to renew membership by 31 January

All JUNIOR squash players are reminded that their membership is to be paid/renewed by 31 January 2019 (via SportyHQ of course www.sportyhq.com ).

Membership remains at R120 for the year. Under 11’s at no charge but must still be registered on SportyHQ.


Junior players to renew membership by 31 January — 1 Comment

  1. Morning,

    I have been trying for 3 days to pay for my second child via SportyHQ. Both ere paid for last year and the year before. The system will not allow me to switch accounts between my two children and if I log out ant back in it still goes to my older child Jaime-Lou Harris.

    I have emailed SportyHQ for the last two days to no avail.

    I am trying to register Holly-Jayne Harris who is on your system but the Sporty HQ system won’t allow me to get into her profile.

    I did log on both children last year from my email address rodh@stirlingps.co.za

    I am getting no response from them, so I have posted here now.

    I don’t want to just phone an executive member on the numbers listed here as that may be rude and the wrong process.

    Some direction please.

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