World Squash Day 2019

Dear Friends

World Squash Day is less than six weeks away and I hope you are all busy organising some very special events to attract new players to our wonderful sport.

Please find attached the proposal document that was adopted and endorsed by the World Squash Federation earlier this year: WSD PROPOSAL WSF.

The WSF notified every Member Nation about World Squash Day back in the spring so everyone has had plenty of time to make arrangements.

We now have our own website and for those of you still seeking ideas about events please take a look at our Toolkit:

We have been busy promoting World Squash Day for the past eight months on social media and I hope you have kept track of some great ideas from different parts of the world.

England Squash have led the way with more than 120 clubs signed up to a development project designed to attract at last 5,000 new members to the game this year.

The theme for World Squash Day this year is The Big Hit programme, where clubs hold open days to attract newcomers and then hold weekly follow-up sessions to make them feel welcome.

We all know that squash is one of the very best games for health and fitness, and these facts feature highly in all of our media work. This is especially important at a time when many nations report that one in three children reach the age of 11 showing signs of obesity.

Squash can certainly lead the way in providing and delivering community health benefits.

Please let me know what you are planning so that I can add extra items to the next media reports, website updates and global media releases being issued by the World Squash Federation.

Please talk to us on Twitter and Facebook:

Twitter: @WorldSquashDay


Best wishes,

Alan Thatcher

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