Coaching & refereeing sub committees


Convenor: TBC

Members: Richard Castle, Mike Bester, Craig van der Wath , Alan Stapleton, Gary Plumstead

Squash Singles Rules 2014 v2

Co-ordinator: Liz Addison


Contact: Squash SA

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Coaching & refereeing sub committees — 77 Comments

    • Glenda Erasmus is in the Western Province Office . Her number is 021 674 6717 – she will be able to help you with the names of coaches in Durbanville. Regards, Liz Addison

      • Hi Liz I am looking for a coach for my son (he is 12 years old). In the Tokai , Constantia, Meadowridge area . I have tried the number for Glenda but seems to give me a fax tone . can you help?

        Regards Rose

        • Dear Rose
          Please try Glenda again – I know things are pretty hectic at the start of the league season.
          Otherwise please try Peter Furstenburg – he is Chair of Western Province Youth Squash 072 2426281.
          I hope your son enjoys his squash.

    • I am a squash player and I have a few years experience in coaching i’m currently 18 and if you need me to coach just tell where to meet you, what courts to meet you at and I don’t charge a lot i’m more there for the love of the game. You must have your own courts that I can coach you at.

    • Esme, glad you are getting involved again. Please let me know where you stay so we can give you a coach from that area. Enjoy your squash. Liz Addison

  1. my son Bhavik age 12 has won the most promising player @ virgin active lenasia and would there be somebody to coach him in lenasia area at a minium cost as i do not have the resources and he has amazing talent.Please is there someone out there to help me?

  2. Hi I am a student teacher in a small town Newcastle in kzn an would like to start coaching squash and was wondering if you would please help me in this matter with contact details where to do a coaching course and where to register thanks

  3. Hi,

    My daughter is 7 years old and really enjoys squash. Is it to early for coaching or not. We are in Bedfordview, JHB.


    • I started training from the age of 3 and been playing competitive squash for a long time she is the right age to start training

  4. Looking for a Squash coach:Cape Town: Pinelands
    High School. My boys (5) play A school league and 10th mens league-currently ranked no. 2. Practices at Old Mutual Pinelands on Tuesdays from 1530-1700 starting next term. The offer is R180 per hour.

    • hi ,am recovering from rheumatoid arthritis and looking to help coach squash again ,looking mainly at schools or players who are beginners or want to improve their game ,am in Meadowridge and member at WPCC

  5. Stil play socially and would like to coach schools and I know that most of the schools around south Coast are not active in squash and the resources is not either a problem, where can I get coaching courses around Margate.

  6. Hi,
    Love you site.

    I am looking for a regular squash coach in the Edgemead/Milnerton areas. I have not played in 15 years sadly. Any names, coaches /ideas/venues would be appreciated. I would like to have a coach at least twice/3 times a week. Many thanks

  7. Hi, My daughter who is 10 has just started squash at school and has become really passionate about it. Where can we get some coaching from in East London?

    Many thanks

  8. Hi, 17 year old in Constantia area. Wondering if there are any squash coaches in that area, or where to go to get coaching?


  9. Hi Liz,

    I recently moved to Johannesburg and am looking for a coach whom could work with me 2x per week in Bryanston.

    Would you be able to help me find a coach?


  10. I would like to contact Richard Castle. I am a friend of Max and Anita Platt (known to him). If you could pass this message to him & ask him to contact me, or he can e-mail me. My query is in connection with a car that he sold the Platts. My query is only technical, no finance involved.
    Don Wilson-donwil@worldonline
    PS Richard & I met a couple of times at the Platt home. He might even remember me!

    • Dear Melvyn
      Thank you for your e-mail. Actually I am sure that you would have attended Craig Sadler’s Refereeing clinic and found out that there are very few minor changes in the rules – most are wording – and thus do not warrant the expense of a reprint of the interference and injury rules.
      Those posters of which there are still some available were funded by the Lottery. One has to include such items in the application and in 2013 there was n advertisement.
      Enjoy our squash.

    • This is a long shot … Does anyone have contact details for Max and Anita Platt? If it is the same family, they did live in Port Edward at one time and then moved to the Western Cape.

  11. Hi,

    At our squash courts (Lynwood Squash Club, KZN Midlands), we had a large, laminated poster (if you wanna call it that) of the singles rules of squash. These I am lead to believe were sent out by Squash SA long time ago to all the clubs for their notice boards. With the rules changing this year, are there any plans to re-send out these laminated posters for our respective notice boards.

  12. Dear Melvyn
    Thank you for your e-mail. Actually I am sure that you would have attended Craig Sadler’s Refereeing clinic and found out that there are very few minor changes in the rules – most are wording – and thus do not warrant the expense of a reprint of the interference and injury rules.
    Those posters of which there are still some available were funded by the Lottery. One has to include such items in the application and in 2013 there was n advertisement.
    Enjoy our squash.

  13. Morning. My daughter is at Affies in Pta, we live in Secunda. I would like some coaching for her she is 13 years old. she went to the IPT’s last year and is reserve this year for Mpumalanga. Liz Mckenzie is coaching but my daughter has hockey and choir in the same time slot. She went to the Wednesday group yesterday but she’s to strong for the primary school pupils.
    Can you maybe help me with a number of someone who is willing to coach her Mo and Wed late afternoon?

  14. Hi there. So today I played squash for the first time ever and it was so unbelievably fun. I enjoyed it so much that I would like to get a coach who can train me and help me. I live in Pretoria – Any coaches you could recommend ? Thanks so much!!

  15. Dear Coaches and Liz,
    I am the VP of Squash Malawi and would like to send a young chap I have been coaching to South Africa to improve his game. I would like to know if it is possible to send him to Jo’Burg for a few weeks or a month and the logistics behind this – accomn, coaching costs, coach etc.
    I was hoping to contact Trevor Wilkinson but I don’t have his email. Greetings Craig – you may remember me from the last World Masters events in Turin.
    Regards and hope you can help.

  16. Dear Gordon
    Thank you for the e-mail. It is a pity that we seem to have lost contact with Malawi for a number of years now.
    Last year the World Juniors was in Namibia and this year the under 19 All Africa is in Botswana.
    Please e-mail me on so as to a ) set up communication lines with Squash Federation Africa again and b) so that I can get more details about what you really require for the young player.

  17. My grandson is 9 years old & lives in Centurion Pretoria. I am looking for a coach for him. Thank You. Colette Solomons

  18. Hello,
    I am Khalid Atlas Khan Professional Squash Coach and ex international Squash Player from the family of Squash Legends in Pakistan, I am son of Squash legend Mr. Atlas Khan and nephew of Ex World Squash Champion Mr. Jansher Khan.
    I by myself was the Captain of Pakistan Squash Team, Country no 1 Squash Player and won many National and International Squash tournaments like World Junior Team Event (Twice), British Junior, and Asian Junior etc. I am awarded by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan many times for projecting the image of Country (Pakistan) on international Level in Squash.
    I am ASF Qualified Level II Squash Coach as well as ASF Certified Level 1 Squash instructor and have a personal Coaching experience of more than 9 years from Kuwait, India (Mumbai), Pakistan, Guatemala and China. And achieved good results as a coach.
    I am expert to train beginners, intermediate, advance, elite Squash players, National Squash Team all age group players / any Gender / Members Etc. I am young , Qualified, Experienced. Enthusiastic and Fit.
    My services are available, and want to share and utilize my knowledge and experience for the promotion and development of squash around the world.
    Please feel free to contact me if my squash coaching services are required. CV / certificates / references shall be furnished if desired.
    Khalid Atlas Khan
    ASF Level 2 squash Coach / ASF Certified Level 1 instructor

  19. why is it so difficult to become a referee and coach in squash. I am staying in Upington in the Northern Cape. Spoken to people at Squash SA they said they will forward docs to me ext. but nothing. I really want to do it seeing that there are nobody in our region. although we are a small club I think I can make a difference and contribute to the sport. can somebody mail and assist me. Thanks.


  20. We have just started a squash club here in Bloemfontein.We want to take a game of squash to disadvantage communities and schools.can you refer me to professional coaches and referees in my area.

  21. What is the going rates for squash coaching these days. After years of not having squash courts in Phalaborwa there is no kids playing anymore. The new squash courts will be finished en of October and I want to get the Kids interested again and keep them out of trouble. I used to play at SA scools myself.

  22. JOB VACANCY @ just in time SPORTS !

    Hi all

    Just in Time Sports have 2 vacancies:

    Sales/Store Manager: full/part-time (Wanderers – JHB)

    Responsible for sales targets and running daily administrative duties


    Responsible for restringing all rackets & sales duties

    Call Leon on 011 024 2424 / 076 875 5811

  23. My son is 12 and we live on the garden route. Who would one need to contact to find out more about squash in the SWD area? Thanks

  24. Good day

    I just want to find out how one can become a professional squash coach? Are there certain courses one has to go through? If so, who can I contact and what steps do I need to attain in order to get this qualification?


    • Dear Dirk
      Thank you for your query.
      Each province organises its own courses (in the same format) so you will need to contact the secretary of the province in which you live.
      Level 1 is the course most often conducted by a qualified Level 2 coach.
      It takes about 24 hours so is done on a weekend.
      To become qualified one has to : attend the entire course: complete the workbook: pass the Level 2 Refereeing examination and be practically assessed.
      Which province are you in?

  25. Hi

    I am based in Somerset West and looking to start playing squash I have never played the sport can you recommend anyone who can give me lessons.

  26. Hi
    I am based in East London. I am looking for coach for my children (11 & 12 years old). They never play squash before but are looking forward to learn it. Any recommendation?

  27. Hi. Are there any coaches in the Bergvliet/Tokai/Constantia area? Have never played squash before but think I’d like it. I’m very unfit. What does a coach cost, what price am I lookign at?

  28. Hi Liz,

    Could some please contact me as I have a 17 year old squash player that would like to start completing his coaches qualifications.

    Could you please assist with this process.

  29. Good afternoon. My son is currently training with a coach in Strand, Western Cape and we might be moving to Robertson, Western Cape soon. Who can we contact for coaching in the area?

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