Thank you for being patient awaiting for the release of the draw for the upcoming TWIZZA RHODES OPEN 2015.  Please see the attached document for rankings and match times.  If you find any mistakes or if there are any serious issues please send me an email. 

Unfortunately, we have the possibility of load-shedding rearing its ugly head over the weekend.  On this note, we encourage all players who have scheduled games on Friday evening to arrive as early as possible for registration and we will get those games underway.

This also means that some of you will have to play catch up games at times outside of the scheduled match times.  I will be updating the match times as often as I can to reflect these changes.  Please bear with us as we tackle this challenge.  I hope we can get through the weekend with minimum disruptions.

A reminder that registration starts at 16H00 at the Alec Mullins Squash Courts on African Street.  Regarding accommodation – please can those that are staying at PJ Olivier High School Dorms remember to bring their own pillows and bedding and if you require extra privacy a padlock for the room door (especially if you have valuables that you are worried about).

We look forward to seeing all of you in Grahamstown and we are sure it is going to be an epic weekend of great squash and great fun!

Twizza Rhodes Open Final Draws

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