Survey on sports-related businesses and activities

Good day fellow South Africans involved in sports-related businesses and activities!

We trust you are keeping well, and are doing your best to contribute towards the fight against Covid-19.

The prevailing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is anticipated to have quite a significant impact on the work of those in the sports sector. To this end, the South African Cultural Observatory (SACO), a project of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture that is mandated to conduct economic research in the sector, have developed a survey, to assess the COVID-19 pandemic impacts on the sports industry to inform policies and support sector strategies. Specifically, the interest is in hearing from key stakeholders, including all sports-related formal and informal businesses, athletes/ players, sports organisations, trainers, coaches, etc. involved in and/or earning an income in the sports sector and related activities.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. In addition, we request that you forward the survey to relevant individuals/ organisations in the sector that may be interested in participating. This will assist us to get an in-depth understanding of the impact of the pandemic on the sports sector.

The link to the survey is:

Thank you in advance for your kind response.

Sent on behalf of Professor Urmilla Bob

SACO Research Project Leader

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