Squash South Africa – Individual Player Registration

The vision of Squash South Africa, to create an online registration process for all squash players, has become a reality.

From 9 April 2015 all players will be required individually, to register on the Squash SA website.

Everyone one knows the challenges that Squash South Africa faces and will understand the benefit of this initiative when it comes to funding and developing the game of squash in South Africa. As SSA, and with the support of our provinces and affiliates, we want to ensure a clean and accurate database that can serve the game.

This will ensure ease of:

  • Information to Government which includes demographics and participation statistics.
  • Information to potential sponsors at the push of a button.
  • Communication with players and provinces.
  • A clear picture of squash in South Africa.

One can see the benefit to our players as:

  • Results in both league and tournaments can now be immediately updated by smart devices to reflect current standing of players on the SA ranking and be accessed by the players and administrators for information purposes.
  • All tournaments will be managed by software that also updates the system.
  • Registered players will have access to various benefits from hotel accommodation to Vitality and Multiplier points received for measurable squash matches played, to mention a few.
  • Registration fees will allow SSA to fund some of our national junior and senior teams to participate in world championships. The more players that register the easier it is to add to the value-added benefits for all.

What we need to activate this system is:

  • All players who want to play league and or tournaments, to complete the online registration form including the electronic payment section for the annual donation fee of R120.00.
  • Registration opens on the 9 April 2015 and players have until the 10 May 2015 to register.
  • Non-league players should also be encouraged to register, which will make them eligible to partake in the benefits and make them available to participate in league when ready or needed.

The impact for non-registration:

  • The results of players, who are not registered, will not be captured into the system and therefore the result will not count for ranking or as an official match.
  • Players wishing to enter any tournament run under SSA will need to be registered as a SSA player to enter.
  • Players will not be able to participate in league or any interprovincial event after the cut-off date, unless registered.
  • We need the administrative bodies in the provinces and affiliates to drive this registration process to avoid disruption of leagues and tournaments which you will agree, should be avoided at all costs.

This is an exciting step forward for squash in South Africa as it holds great benefits for all concerned. We can help to make this a smooth transition which will result in players, squash development and securing sponsors alike benefiting. We realise that naturally it will also lessen our workload allowing us to get on with building this wonderful game for all.

We have approached Johan Bester to assist with the registration drive nationally. Your support to him in this regard is appreciated.

We understand that the time frame is short, but it is essential that we get this project finalised as a matter of urgency to avoid disruption to leagues and tournaments going forward.

Thank you in anticipation for we know that this is a joint effort.


Steve Doeg


Squash South Africa – Individual Player Registration — 27 Comments

  1. Hi

    We received a notice that we have to register on the Squash SA website, but there’s no link anywhere on the site to do so. Please send a link or let me know where I can find it to register.

    Thank you

  2. To Whom it may Concern,
    I cannot find the link on your website for Individual Player Registration
    Please advise

  3. Please can you provide a link on this website where we’re meant to register? I’ve tried looking, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  4. Hi, I received the communication to register from 9 April.
    I have looked on the website, but cannot find a place to do this.
    If you were not ready to run this, why start communicating.
    You have lost the chance to get me registered.

  5. Yet, there is no link included to the registration page?

    Where are we suppose to register? No obvious link on the home page either…

  6. Where is the online registration form
    Kindly mail the internet link for access to the form to me

    Best Regards

  7. Require advice on getting my sons ages 8 and 11 into a squash league so they can compete and play tournaments They currently play socially at local gym but are very interested to pursue this professionally . I have no idea where to begin or whom to approach as it’s not a sport offered at school

  8. Hi

    I thoroughly enjoy squash, a sport I have just started in recent years. To my surprise it is still treated as an elitist sport with current older players doing all their best to exclude certain people. One wonders how this magnificent sport is going to grow with this stumbling block.

    I applaud the initiative to get every player registered. I will do so myself. However the donation requested may be impossible for some people, specifically those from the previously disadvantaged groups. How can we work around ?

  9. Dear Squash SA,

    I’ve received the communication however I can’t seem to find the registration area on the website.

    Please help

  10. Hi there 🙂

    I’m wondering whether anybody can help me. On my Sport:80 home page (called the dashboard) when I click on the “Events” tab it says the following “No Available Events
    Sorry there are currently no events that you are eligible to enter. Please check back soon.”

    Does anybody have the same issue? Does anybody know how to resolve this? When I watch the tutorial video on how to enter an event, the person conducting the video clicks on the “Events” tab and a long list of tournaments comes up…

    Thanks for any help!

  11. Mr Crous, you can register via the link on this website.
    Please contact Lynette Swanepoel on 011 4428056 if she can help you.

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