Squash SA strategy workshop

Sharon Wakeford   -“Being Different. Supporting different conversations, relationships and actions” – facilitated a constructive and successful workshop with members of the Squash Executive on Saturday 12th October 2019 at the Wanderers Main Club.  Alison Burchell joined us for the session from Fiji on Zoom -despite the time difference!

Sharon started with an apt quote by Tim Cope on Journeys.

“Journeys are integral to our lives. They present testing challenges, moments of exquisite rewards and insights, and times when you are racked by self-doubt and problems. Battling it out involves confronting fears, making yourself vulnerable, aiming for something worthy and clinging onto self-belief and passion even when it seems that everything is stacked against you. In the end, a journey invariably offers us a chance to learn and grow and reach out to our dreams. I am still amazed at how things seem to work out in the most unlikely ways: it’s as if you just have to be willing to give it a go. There is always something new to be discovered, something waiting to surprise us around the next corner.

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