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Dear Squash Player, Administrator and Enthusiast

We have embarked on the “Big Picture” membership initiative – the product of input from all our provinces. We needed to do this because quite frankly our current revenue collection model was proving (over the past few years) to be inadequate. Our ability to administer the game of squash for your benefit was being affected.

After much deliberation of many options we all agreed that the online registration process for all squash players was the most optimal way of improving our revenue collection. In this process we took into account what an active sportsperson would normally expend on activities such as being a member of a gym. We were all satisfied that this fee was more than reasonable.

As you know we rely heavily on our dedicated / committed loyal club members like yourselves who give their time to administer the game and those who do the same at Provincial and National level. Today this is not enough, we need funds, not only to pay a small staff at Squash SA, but also to plough back funds into the development of our wonderful game. We also need to ensure that we can fund our National Representative teams who not only showcase our ability to the world but serve as role models to the youth and without national representation as an incentive would render our sport as a mere pastime.

We therefore urge you to join us in appealing to all your fellow squash players to support us and register in 2016 to ensure that our children are able to reap the benefits of squash in the future as you have.

It seems that some clubs and provinces would like to do a general registration.

Please find a multiple registration form attached.

To each and everyone and your families best wishes for a happy and peaceful festive season and may 2016 be all you wish for.

As the registration year is from 1 January to 31 December PLEASE will you register again with Sport:80

through the Squash South Africa website : www.SquashSA.co.za.

Thank you for registering in 2015.

Yours in squash

Steven Doëg

President Squash SA

Registration Fee breakdown

  • Tournament and League Players (Senior and Junior) – R120.00 per annum
  • Social Players – R80.00 per annum
  • Juniors not playing tournaments or league – R40.00 per annum
  • Development Players – Free registration

The Year is from 1 January to 31 December each year.

Bulk Registration Form Dec 2015


Squash SA registration — 3 Comments

  1. If I become a member:
    Do I have to leave my other club?
    Do i have to become a member to playing in the tournament and be ranked?
    What are the benefits of becoming a member?

    • Dear Warren
      Thank you for the comment.
      As with a number of other federations Squash South Africa has introduced an individual registration system.
      one reason is to provide us with a database so that we can disseminate information more widely. Our channel of communication is through the provinces and the clubs and we are well aware that very little information filters down to the player.
      Another is we need to source sponsors and they want to know what return they can get. At present we think there is about 16000 league players ?
      We also need a breakdown of players in age groups, gender etc .
      Thirdly we need funding to send teams overseas: to provide capacity building courses/clinics/workshops country wide.
      you still remain a member of the club to which you belong and one needs to be registered to be ranked.
      Enjoy your squash.

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