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It’s Not the Size of Your . . .
Allen Wants UVA to Be National Power
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Movement is the Key
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 College Town USA

Often called the “Athens of America,” Boston has emerged as America’s College Town.College students are literally everywhere.More than 250,000 call it home, 1 in every 5 people is either a student or affiliated with higher education, and there are more than 80 colleges in the region.The cross-registration and shared resources between schools, college events open to all students, concerts, and inter-connectedness of the student scene has made the city America’s college town.For more on Boston’s student life, please click here.

An MIT Education for Free

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content.It is open to the world.”The idea is simple: to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.”-Dick K.P. Yue, MIT Professor 

To see MIT’s OpenCourseWare, please click here.

 Pro Squash Store

Pro Squash Store is an online store powered by Amazon.The prices are exactly the same as Amazon, but Amazon.com will return a percentage of sales purchased through Pro Squash Store back to support the sport of squash.To visit Pro Squash Store, please click here.


Another Poll for the Next Olympic Sport

With just under a month to go until the IOC makes its decision, there is yet another poll sponsored by Inside the Games.To show your support for squash (or baseball/softball or wrestling), please click here.


Bobcat Classic

$30 will get you a great weekend squash tournament at Bates College and free tickets to watch David Palmer and Thierry Lincou in a pro tournament.To register for the Bobcat Classic amateur squash tournament, please click here.


Gail Ramsay

She is the Princeton women’s squash coach. She was the first person to ever win four consecutive individual college squash national championships. And she did it at a school with no squash program.The top division in the Women’s College Squash Association Individual Championship, the Ramsay Cup, was renamed in her honor.
To learn more about Gail Ramsay, please click here.

 It’s Not the Size of Your …

It’s how big the squash court is … on your ship.Squash players have always valued good length, suitable width, and the aerobic benefits of hit’n it for a good hour.But for the ultra wealthy, squash courts, zipwires and waterslides are turning super yachts into more than a private escape. They are becoming sports venues.To see Financial Times’ article, please click here.

 Allen Wants UVA to Be National Power

With a talented new coach, Mark Allen, and a gorgeous new facility, could the University of Virginia become a national power in squash?To see Daily Progress’s article, please click here.


Last Week’s Question

Last week we asked you: It’s 9-9 in game 5 of the semi-finals of a tournament. You think you hit your shot on the second bounce. Would you call your ball “NOT UP” or wait for the referee to do so? More than 1/3 of the players who responded said they would not call their own ball “not up.”
To see last week’s results, please click here.

Question of the Week

Which squash league / tour has squash’s best brand?To cast your vote, please click here.


Movement is the Key by David Pearson

One of the basics of coaching, often taught incorrectly, is the importance of movement.
It is very hard to explain good squash movement using the written word. However, former English National Squash Coach, David Pearson identifies several indicators of good and bad movement in this article.To read Mr. Pearson’s piece on good squash movement, please click here.

 Transitional Power

Drive transitional power with physioball leg curls instructed by Alabama softball head strength and conditioning coach Michelle Diltz.To see the University of Alabama softball’s workout, please click here.

 Behind the Scenes Training

Behind the scenes video of Lebron James and Kevin Durant in off-season workouts.To see the video, please click here.

 TRUTH & Rumors

  • Hard to believe Williams Collegecoach Zafi Levy celebrated his 40th birthday this week.
    • We heard the birthday party, which included a celebrity appearance by Nick Matthew, was one for the ages.
    • Happy birthday coach.
  • Seattle Squash has been synonymous with the Khan family forever. But members are cursing the Seattle Athletic Club.
    • Management’s less than favorable treatment ofLatasha and Shabana Khan has driven them out.
    • Fortunately, their brother is running the show across the water at the Pro Club (aka the Microsoft Club) and was able to help his sisters stay coaching in the area.
  • In his book “A Shot and  a Ghost,” James Willstropreferred to Nick Matthew as pretentious and vicious on court … a person who has treated me with disdain and arrogance.” Fair enough.
    • Well guess what. Nick has put the finishing touches on his own tell-all book. And we hear Matthew is far more blunt about far more people. Outstanding, we say.
    • The title? “Sweating Blood
  • Speaking of squash books. After years of rumors, we hear the Paul Assaiante / James Zug effort “Run to the Roar” will actually be turned into a movie.
    • No, it will not be a Steven Spielberg production.
  • PSA is receiving praise for bringing Tim Garner back into the fold. People who have worked with him know him to be a hard working and talented professional. Good move, Mr. Gough.
  • Is Tommy Berden going to be the next President of theWomen’s Squash Association (WSA)? Our sources say “yes.”
  • This spring Truth & Rumors wrote how impressed we were with Dartmouth College coach Hansi WiensWhoops!
    • After the majority of his players broke team rules, Wiens benched them for a critical, late season match against Brown University – ensuring a Brown victory.
    • We admired a coach taking such a bold stand.
    • But we later learned Coach Wiens filed a formal protest to College Squash saying his teams’ rankings shouldn’t suffer because all of his players didn’t compete. Had they competed Wiens argued, Dartmouth would beat Brown.
    • If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts …, coach.
    • Brown showed up in good faith to play the match and won the day, which is all that history should remember.     #Coach Whines


More Squash News

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