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European Club Championships
Bobcat Classic Has It All
Nick Matthew: Sweating Blood
U. Oregon’s Unbelievable Locker Room
Women’s College Pre-Season Picks
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Avoid Germs at the Gym
World Squash Day
Last Week’s Question
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US Open Promo
Bobcat Classic registration Closes Wednesday at Noon (EST)
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Authors Wanted
After launching a very successful short story contest, Daily Squash Report is seeking Author-Competitors for a League Squash Fiction Match.

To learn more about this project, please emailDailySquashReport@gmail.com.


European Club Championships
Nick Matthew and David Palmer led their team, the Worms, to the Men’s European Club Championship this past week.

On the women’s side, Emma Beddoes and Deon Saffery led their team, Pontefract, to the Women’s European Club Championship title.

To read SquashSite’s coverage, please click here.


Bobcat Classic Has It All
Yes, David Palmer and Thierry Lincou are the top seeds in this weekend’s Bobcat Classic.

Yes, you can watch it LIVE on ProSquashTV.

But college squash fans will be following the tournament to see the following:

  • Can St. Lawrence’s new recruit Moustafa Bayoumy beat Bates College’s Ahmed Abdel Khalek?
  • How will Amr Khaled Khalifa do against the pros?
  • Bates #1 Ahmed Khalek and St. Lawrence #1 Khalifa haven’t played before in CSA. If they meet, how will they match up?

To read Pro Squash Tour’s coverage, please click here.


Nick Matthew: Sweating Blood
In his soon to be released book, among other things Nick Matthew tries to understand how his relationship with another top British player went so horribly wrong.

To read Daily Squash Report’s advance article, please click here.


U. Oregon’s Unbelievable Locker Room
At $68 million and 175,000 square feet, the University of Oregon athletic complex should be unbelievable … It is.

This video starts slow and impresses you with a view of what America’s best athletes experience behind the scenes.

To see Stack’s video, please click here.

Squash Ezine’s Pre-Season
Women’s College Top 20
1.    Harvard University – Solid top to bottom. Our pick to win it all.
2.    Yale University – always near or at the top
3.    Princeton University – probably the best women’s coach 
4.    University of Pennsylvania – elite, global recruiting
5.    Trinity College – the top 5 are elite, they could still win it all
6.    Cornell University – big jump from #5 to #6, but still a great program
7.    Stanford University – a solid team coached by an America icon
8.    Dartmouth College – fortunate to reach the A division 
9.    Williams College – great leadership and a great program
10.  Brown University – Brown always attracts a solid women’s team
11.  Middlebury College – preppiest team in America  
12.  Columbia University – same as the men
13.  George Washington University – strong coaching, recruiting and some scholarship $$$ 
14.  Bates College – not sure they can duplicate last year’s epic finish
15.  Franklin and Marshall College – eccentric coach, good team
16.  Bowdoin College – this coach loves teaching squash
17.  Wesleyan University – disciplined 
18.  Amherst College – strong enough to be in the top 20
19.  Drexel University – won’t be surprised if they surpass our expectations 
20.  Mount Holyoke College – stability with the coaching staff is good  

Feel free to tell us how wrong we are and defend your school.

To add your comments on the Squash Ezine Blog, please click here. 



Fans React to Squash Ezine’sMen’s Pre-Season Predictions
Last week we gave our pre-season predictions for the coming men’s college season and invited fan feedback.

Below are some of our favorite reader comments:

  • St. Lawrence at #1, Bates at #8, Brown ahead of Williams, and Wesleyan ahead of Middlebury and Bowdoin? Did you pick these numbers out of a hat? What a stupid article!
  • What a joke. Tufts is garbage,
  • no way Williams falls to 17,
  • Amherst have strong new freshman,
  • like Bates could ever get top 10, and St. Lawrence? Need 5 matches to win.
  • bates in the top 10. wow would have never thought.
  • I would like to see SLU, beat out the ivys and trinity.
  • will be a fun season. lots of new faces all around


How to Avoid Germs at the Gym
Viruses and bacteria can lurk for hours on the handles of cross-trainers and weight machines.

Bill Hanage, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, offers these tips for avoiding germs at the gym.
To read the Boston Globe article, please click here.


World Squash Day Oct. 5
Alan Thatcher conceived of World Squash Day 12 years ago, and it continues to grow each year.

To see more about this year’s World Squash Day, please  click here.


Last Week’s Question
Not many responses to last week’s question: “Have you ever completely read the rules of squash?”

However, 76% of those who responded said yes they had.  

Below are some of the comments we received: 

  • Every squash player should do this annually….
  • If you tke the player/ref test, you need to read them.
  • And they need more interpretative explanations.
  • I better have – I’m a certified referee!
  • Wouldn’t know where to find them…
  • Wrote them
  • Took a while

Question of the Week


US Open Promo



Bobcat Classic Registration Closes
Today at Noon (EST)
To register for this weekend’s tournament, please click here.



TRUTH & Rumors
  • Tennis and Squash Shop in Harvard Square has one of the great locations in America. However, owner Jon Tobias curiously resists using email or a website to grow the business.
  • US Squash’s former media relations director Kristi Marochas moved on to greener pastures. The talented, young publicist is now the Director of Marketing and Communications  at a start-up venture called Sport195.
  • Sore feet? Roll your foot on a lacrosse ball.
  • The No-Let! Squash Video Blog recently wrote (here) about the David Palmer Effect, noting that some of the world’s best players reached a new plateau after spending time with the Australian icon.
  • Dunlop squash string is worth a second look.
    • Their “great white” has a little texture to it and will remind you of Ashaway. And Dunlop’s “silk” is more expensive but is similar to the feel of Technifibrestring.
  • One of Mexico‘s super cute squash players Ivonne Diaz(@JackyVonn) isn’t shy about her bikini pics on Twitter.Here’s another, just in case, you’re fact checking our notes.
  • Brett Erasmus is easy to like. He is constantly upbeat and one of the great cheerleaders for squash.


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