SA Team to World Team championship

Steve Coppinger, ranked 18 in the world, leads an experienced side of Shaun le Roux (51), Clinton Leeuw (79) and Rodney Durbach  to the World Men’s team championships where they have been seeded 7th and placed in a  pool with 10th seeds Hong Kong China, Austria (21-24) and Japan (25-28).

Coppinger, the national champion, has enjoyed a highly successful year which has seen him reach the top 20 for the first time and he has held on to the 18th position for the past 3 months.  The last time South Africa had a player in the top 20 was in the 80’s.

Le Roux and Leeuw have both attained their highest personal rankings this year and there are still 6 months to go. 2013 sees Coppinger in his fourth consecutive showing for South Africa at the World Men’s Team event. In 2007, as a graduate from Birmingham University,  he joined the line-up of Jesse Engelbrecht, Adrian Hansen, and Clinton Leeuw  – the team finished 10th.

2009 saw Durbach return to the team – Coppinger, Engelbrecht, Leeuw – they finished a highly commendable 6th. In 2011 the trio of Coppinger, Leeuw and Durbach were joined by Shaun Le Roux  and despite some nail biting finishes they slipped to their lowest finish since 1993 (13th)  when they finished 14th in Germany.

Leeuw, now based in America makes his 5th consecutive appearance in the men’s world team. In 2005 he appeared for the first time alongside Durbach, Mike Tootill and Rowan Smith . Then has followed 2007,2009,2011 and 2013.

Western Provinces’ Rodney Durbach has the proudest record amongst the players selected to represent South Africa at the Men’s world team event. Winner of the Province’s Closed title last week, Durbach has been selected to wear the green and gold 8 times in the 12 years since unity in 1993 when South Africa was again allowed to participate.

1995   : Craig Wapnick, Glenn Whittaker, Michael Tootill, Rodney Durbach

1999   :  Rodney Durbach, Glenn Whittaker, Adrian Hansen, Craig van der Wath

2001   :  Rodney Durbach, Glenn Whittaker, Adrian Hansen, Michael Tootill

2003   :  Rodney Durbach, Adrian Hansen, Craig van der Wath, Greg La Mude

2005,2007, 2009, 2011,2013  as above

Richard Castle will accompany the 2013 team as Manager/Coach with Border’s Michael as observer/player.

2013 Pools:

A             1- Egypt, 16-Scotland, 17/20 – Kuwait, 29-32 Kenya

B             2- England, 15-Canada, 17/20- Columbia, 29-32- Namibia

C             3- France, 14- Pakistan, 17/20-Netherlands, 29-32-Russia

D             4-Australia, 13- Mexico, 17/20- Switzerland

E              5- Malaysia, 12- New Zealand, 21/24- Botswana, 25/28- Poland

F              6- Germany   11- USA, 21/24- Ireland, 29-32 – Czech Republic

G             7- South Africa 10 – Hong Kong China, 21/24 –Austria, 25/28 – Japan

H             8- India, 9 Finland, 21/24- Argentina, 29/32 Venezuela

Liz Addison

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