SA National squash championships

23rd June – 29th June 2019

Women’s Open: Main Event 24th June – 29th June  2019

Men’s Open: Main Event 23rd June – 29th June 2019

Please Note: Please do not enter if you CANNOT commit to the dates & times scheduled.

Venue: Pretoria Country Club, Pretoria and Brooklyn Mall , Brooklyn, Pretoria


CLOSING DATE: Monday 17th June 2019

Please enter on-line : SportyHQ

Entry must be done On Line through Sporty HQ and is not refundable in the event of a withdrawal.

PSA members do not have to pay an entry fee.

Tournament Convenor: tbc.            Tournament Referee: tbc

Tel:                                      011 442 8056

Fax:                                     011 442 8036                   


  1. Eligibility: Only players who are eligible to play for South Africa may enter.
  2. Entries: Entries for the championships must be received by SportyHQ by no later than  Monday 17th June 2019.
  3. No player will be entered into the draw unless the entry fee has been received by Squash SA. Prior dispensation however maybe given in exceptional circumstances.
  4. Women’s Events: There will be an Open Event of 32 players (depending on the entry). There will be a 1st Round Plate: A Classic Plate and play-offs for 5-8.
  1. Men’s Events: There will be an Open Event of 32 players There will be a First and second Round plate, 3rd Round plate, 5/8 play-offs and 3rd/4th Play-off .
  2. Draw: All entrants will be notified of their Draw, so please ensure that your entry is completed in full. Please make contact with the Tournament Office if you have not been notified.
  3. Open Draw: The Open Draw will be done on Monday 17th June 2019.
  4. Rules: The Championships will be played according to the rules of Squash SA.
  5. Balls: The Dunlop HA Ball will be used for all events.
  6. Marking: It is obligatory for all players to mark/referee the match following their match, unless other officials are available.
  7. Entry Fee: The entry fee is R300.
  8. Playing Times: All players must be ready to play at their appointed times. If a player is not ready to play 10 minutes after the appointed time he/she will be scratched. (Unless the Tournament Referee decides otherwise).
  9. Clothing and Advertising: According to Squash SA rules (available on request).
  10. Code of Conduct: Squash SA’s Code of Conduct will be in force.

The draw will be on the website.

Each entrant will be informed of the time of their first match.

Please ensure that you check the website for any changes in the draw due to withdrawals.

Prize Money   R120,000.00



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