PSA “We are One” fund

Dear PSA Promoters,

We hope you are staying safe as we all try to navigate the uncertainty of the current circumstances. We have been working very hard with all of you to reschedule and bring back the tour as soon as possible and we really appreciate all your efforts to make it happen.

One of our main priorities has been supporting our players through these difficult times. Since the beginning of lockdown the PSA and the PSA Foundation have been proactively working to support them through different initiatives and developments that we know have made a significant difference to their wellbeing. Please click here to find out more on what we are doing to support our players and the squash community in response to COVID.

However, we are fully aware that during this unprecedented global crisis, a lot of you our players are facing very difficult financial and emotional circumstances and we want to help as much as we can. It is during these tough times that we must cheer them on off court, so they are able to come back and fill your events with exciting battles on court.

For this purpose and inspired by the generosity of our squash community, the PSA Foundation and the PSA have created the “We are One” fund, a fund that aims to bring the global squash community together to raise funds that will directly support PSA players who are experiencing severe financial and emotional difficulties due to the suspension of the PSA Tour.

Since the launch of the fundraising campaign last Thursday, the response and generosity of the squash community has been truly heartfelt; from former players to current players, to juniors, clubs, promoters and squash fans all over the world. It has been fantastic to see such a supportive response!!

As promoters, you are at the core of our squash community, so we turn to you to kindly ask you to please support this effort and help us spread the word amongst your network, amongst those fans who are anxiously waiting for our players to come back on tour and encourage them to please help us keep our players safe and healthy until we can play squash together again.

To find out more about the PSA Foundation “We Are One” Fund and support this community initiative, click on this link. Attached is also a video and the campaign logo for you to share.

Anyone who would like to contribute can do it through the link above or can donate directly to the PSA Foundation US bank account. All donations are tax deductible in the US.

This is a time to help each other, to bring our strength as a community together and we know that we can have a greater impact supporting each other in hardship times so we come back stronger. Please help us reach our goal so we can support all of those players who need it.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to restarting the tour again.

Stay safe!!

Best regards,



Hannah Ridgard-Mason | Tour Director

Professional Squash Association

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