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  1. Hi, My name is Mike Symonds. I used to coach in South Africa many years ago, and decided to see whether I would find the names of anyone I know on the South African Squash site. I saw the name ‘Mike Tootill’. Perhaps this is the son of Michael Tootill – one of the players I coached at Transvaal Automobile club. I’m living in Perth in Australia. I would be very interested to hear some news from South Africa. Best wishes, Mike Symonds

    • Mike,
      I often think about you and our days in Cape Town, when you were still a squash “learner.” The Mike Tootill you mention is the same one you coached -he is still playing and coaching in Joburg. I am also here, coaching at Wanderers, TAC (now the Killarney Country Club, Bryanston and the University of Pretoria.
      What are you doing with yourself these days, or are you retired?

    • Hi Mike,

      You coached me at T.A.C in the early to mid 1980’s.
      I have been living in Australia since 1987 and have recently started playing again after a long break from the game.
      You used to coach me, Gary Zeller, Mark Addison, Martin Morris, Mike Toothill, Stephen Nathan and some others whose names I do not remember.
      Anyway, take care – I remember your wife(Gene’)(not sure about the spelling)- you were an excellent coach and a great guy.


    • Hi Mike,
      This is a shot in the dark.
      Are you the very Mike Symonds that played Table Tennis for England, Yorkshire and Lancashire in the late 1960. I recall you moving to South Africa about 1969 or so. If this is correct then I hope life has been good to you. Best Wishes for 2017.
      John and Yvonne Keys (Doncaster)

      • Hi Jeff,
        My email address is

        I would love to hear from you. Sorry for taking so long, but I couldn’t access this ‘site’, but accidentally re-discovered it today.



      • Hi John & Yvonne,
        I have only just seen this email from you. I definitely remember you John. In fact I clearly remember you as a very tall young man with a very nice disposition.

        (It has taken a long time, but I couldn’t access this site for ages, and accidentally re-discovered it today. Please email me, and I’ll update you regarding my movements over the last hundred years.
        Cheers, Mike

    • Hi Mike, were you in Sheffield in the 60’s, playing and coaching table tennis for the Rayners?


      Rob Loxley
      Vice Chair
      Sheffield Table Tennis league

  2. Hi Mike
    I am also living in Australia now(Sydney) and flying to Perth this weekend. I have actually been trying to get your contact details. please contact me either by phone or email from our website – I would love to chat to you
    Martin Morris

  3. Mike Symonds – a blast from the past . I hope you pick this up/. I never go on to the website but I had been told these chairs etc were out of date ?/
    How are you ? Was a magic chapter we had – fun how many people scattered but how many stayed the same.
    We are hopefully entering another new and exciting chapter – time will tell.
    Mike please e-mail me at and let’s catch up

  4. Hi Mike,
    Is this the same Mike Symonds that played Table tennis for Enland, Yorkshire and Lancashire in the late 1960’s.

  5. Good morning All, I hope and trust you all well,we are requesting Squash development in our township,the challenge will be training equipment,coaching courses,transport to the games.
    Warm regards
    Ferguson Radebe

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