Provincial Associations

Click on the link to download the contact details of the Provincial Associations: Prov Assoc 2015 update 100615.


Provincial Associations — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, My name is Mike Symonds. I used to coach in South Africa many years ago, and decided to see whether I would find the names of anyone I know on the South African Squash site. I saw the name ‘Mike Tootill’. Perhaps this is the son of Michael Tootill – one of the players I coached at Transvaal Automobile club. I’m living in Perth in Australia. I would be very interested to hear some news from South Africa. Best wishes, Mike Symonds

    • Mike,
      I often think about you and our days in Cape Town, when you were still a squash “learner.” The Mike Tootill you mention is the same one you coached -he is still playing and coaching in Joburg. I am also here, coaching at Wanderers, TAC (now the Killarney Country Club, Bryanston and the University of Pretoria.
      What are you doing with yourself these days, or are you retired?

  2. Hi Mike
    I am also living in Australia now(Sydney) and flying to Perth this weekend. I have actually been trying to get your contact details. please contact me either by phone or email from our website – I would love to chat to you
    Martin Morris

  3. Mike Symonds – a blast from the past . I hope you pick this up/. I never go on to the website but I had been told these chairs etc were out of date ?/
    How are you ? Was a magic chapter we had – fun how many people scattered but how many stayed the same.
    We are hopefully entering another new and exciting chapter – time will tell.
    Mike please e-mail me at and let’s catch up

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