Provincial Associations

Click on the link to download the contact details of the Provincial Associations: Prov Assoc 2015 update 100615.


Provincial Associations — 14 Comments

  1. Hi, My name is Mike Symonds. I used to coach in South Africa many years ago, and decided to see whether I would find the names of anyone I know on the South African Squash site. I saw the name ‘Mike Tootill’. Perhaps this is the son of Michael Tootill – one of the players I coached at Transvaal Automobile club. I’m living in Perth in Australia. I would be very interested to hear some news from South Africa. Best wishes, Mike Symonds

    • Mike,
      I often think about you and our days in Cape Town, when you were still a squash “learner.” The Mike Tootill you mention is the same one you coached -he is still playing and coaching in Joburg. I am also here, coaching at Wanderers, TAC (now the Killarney Country Club, Bryanston and the University of Pretoria.
      What are you doing with yourself these days, or are you retired?

    • Hi Mike,

      You coached me at T.A.C in the early to mid 1980’s.
      I have been living in Australia since 1987 and have recently started playing again after a long break from the game.
      You used to coach me, Gary Zeller, Mark Addison, Martin Morris, Mike Toothill, Stephen Nathan and some others whose names I do not remember.
      Anyway, take care – I remember your wife(Gene’)(not sure about the spelling)- you were an excellent coach and a great guy.


  2. Hi Mike
    I am also living in Australia now(Sydney) and flying to Perth this weekend. I have actually been trying to get your contact details. please contact me either by phone or email from our website – I would love to chat to you
    Martin Morris

  3. Mike Symonds – a blast from the past . I hope you pick this up/. I never go on to the website but I had been told these chairs etc were out of date ?/
    How are you ? Was a magic chapter we had – fun how many people scattered but how many stayed the same.
    We are hopefully entering another new and exciting chapter – time will tell.
    Mike please e-mail me at and let’s catch up

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