Last chance to enter Bloem Junior Open

By Margo Morgan

Dear Parents, Administrators, Coaches and Provincial Squash Committees

Firstly, THANK YOU to all those who do a GREAT JOB in the interests of the game of squash. More specifically, thank you to those who have complied with closing dates for event entries thus far for 2013.

However, regrettably, it has come to our attention that once again people claim to not have received details regarding the SA Schools Selection criteria, the tournaments required to be played in for selection, the entry formats, the closing dates for tournaments, etc.

This has happened, despite countless reminders sent to administrators/ players/ parents and coaches, regarding closing dates for entries for specifically the Bloem Junior Open from 1 – 3 March. (For e.g.  In one of the selection age groups, there are no players entered from a province that has a large number of players.)

Ultimately each and every person in charge of squash at any level (teachers/ coaches/provincial reps/parents) needs to take responsibility for those in their charge and ensure that they are they have been told to do so, and that they have been entered by the closing dates for respective events.

The SA Schools calendar has been available since September 2012 for 2013.  The information pertaining to selection criteria has also been available since then.  The online entries for the Bloem Junior Open have been available since November 2012.  Yet, despite this there is still reluctance from many role players to accept responsibility for the administration and dissemination of information to all affected and for some parents/players/coaches to take responsibility for ensuring that entries are in on time.

To this effect, the online entries for the Bloem Junior Open have now been opened for the LAST TIME – anyone who has not yet entered and still wishes to do so MUST do so by NO LATER THAN 13h00 on WEDNESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 2013.  AFTER THIS, NO FURTHER negotiations will be entered into. Please do not even call or email for a further late entry after this. Time constraints just will not permit any further consideration.

The website address for online entries is:

For those who have problems and are technologically challenged, there are two attachments with step by step explanations (Registering online at Squash events for squash tournaments for 2013 and Uploading a proof of payment on the website 2013) to assist you to enter online and to upload your proof of payment. (Please remember that if you choose to enter more than one player at a time you must enter all the players’ details before you click on the submit icon!) If you are still not able to succeed then contact support at

Kindly note that it is an administrative nightmare for any event organizer to have to deal with late entries. The bigger the event the worse it becomes. There is a whole year of tournaments ahead of us and all role players concerned are requested to adhere to closing dates and start to act within the respective event regulations and conditions of entry to make life easier for all concerned.

Margo Morgan


Last chance to enter Bloem Junior Open — 4 Comments

  1. My son Emil Snyman has entered the Bloem Open u19 tournament, we haven’t received any information regarding the draw, venues, etc. Could you please let us know when hid first match is

    thanks and regards
    Erika Snyman

    • Regarding enquiries about Emil Snyman’s (boys u19) first match and draw for Bloemfontein Open, please note correction to email address
      cell 0823016640

  2. Hi there, how do I go about getting my daughter ranked? She will now be playing U14. We come from the Border area. Thank you. Lucy

  3. Dear Lucy
    Thank you for the comment.
    Sue Castle is the Border chairperson of schools and she can keep you up to date on all information. Janice Galloway can also assist.
    For S A Schools there is a top 10 ranking in all age groups from under 14 to 19. The criteria are given after the S A Schools Convention near the end of August but up to now there are 3 tournaments. Bloemfontein, S A Schools Closed in march and then the interprovincial in June/July. I hope your daughter enjoys her squash. Liz Addison

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