Laser WP Open Men A draw, Plate and Marking schedule

Please see  results from today’s first round.
Most of the matches went according to seeding as the top seeds stretched their legs and used their matches as fine tuning for the remaining draw. Two qualifiers however did manage to win through to the second round, namely Gary Wheadon from South Africa (initially a lucky loser) and Hossan Nasser from Egypt. Wheadon won in 3 and Nasser in a hard fought 5 against Nigerian Number 1 Baba Ajagbe.

The stand out match of the evening was undoubtably Jean-Pierre Brits (RSA) win over Marc ted Sluis (NED) in 5 gruelling games with JP saving 3 match balls in the 4th before winning it 15-13 and then going on to win the 5th 11-7.
As we move into the second round we have 3 players from Egypt, 3 from Pakistan, 3 from England, 1 from Austria and 6 players from South Africa left.

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