Donate old sports gear to a worthy cause

Play it Forward – Gear up our Kids

Builders has partnered with Super Sport and Kaya FM to help collect used sporting equipment that is still in good condition to be donated to the budding young sports stars in our local communities.

Many of us have old, but not yet tired sporting equipment gathering dust in cupboards and garages. Kits that have either been abandoned or were replaced months, if not years ago with modern versions or your hobbies and interests have simply changed.

Have you not yet discarded these old rackets, clubs, bats, balls and footwear because your intentions were good but time just got away from you and the equipment is still in a condition that could still be used by someone else? It would be a crying shame to just throw this gear away!

Here is a fantastic opportunity for you to have a good clear out as well as Play it Forward and take advantage of the Gear Up Our Kids campaign due to run from the 12th of October 2015 until the 10th January 2016. We will have 100 collection bins strategically placed at various Builders Stores countrywide for you to drop off all that second-hand sports equipment, clothing and footwear.

Everything will be collected by SuperSport for redistribution to many well-deserving beneficiaries and organisations that just do not have the funds available to purchase new and costly sports equipment for the promising youth in their communities.

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