Balwin/Assore Gauteng Squash Championships

Parkview Squash Championships, Johannesburg 

The Balwin/Assore Central Gauteng Open Squash Championships swing into full action this evening (Tuesday) at the Parkview Squash Centre at 16h00 with 9 international players led by Czechoslovakian Martin Svec, the number 1 seed, in the men’s open and 6 international players in the women’s open.

Scheduled to meet Svec in the men’s final is 19 year old Abhay Singh (India).

Three South Africans – J P Brits, Christo Potgieter and Dylan Groenewald – qualified  for the first round where they joined fellow South Africans Wayne Sithole, a wild card, and Ruan Olivier.

Ranked 61 in the world, Capetonian Alex Fuller, seeded 1, is drawn to meet fellow Capetonian Milnay Louw, ranked 68 in the world, in Friday’s final. Makgosi Peloakgosi, presently studying in London, Cheyna Wood and S A’s top under 19 player, Panashe Sithole, already in the main draw were joined by UJ students Kacey Leigh Dodd and  Alexa Pienaar, Adel Sammons and Angelique Clifton-Parks after the final qualifying round was played on Monday evening.

Draw Men:  1- M Svec (Cze) vs G Senthilkumar (Ind): W Sithole vs 6- B Coates (Eng): 5 – K Finch (Eng) vs D Groenewald: C Potgieter vs 3  – A Noakes (Eng): 4 – O Uherka (Cze) vs K Magdy (Egy): R Olivier vs 7  – S McGregor(Eng): 8 –  B Muhwati (Zim) vs J P Brits: A Leanza (USA) vs 2 – A Singh(Ind) .

Women:   1- A Fuller vs K Dodd: W Bonilla (Gua) vs 5 – E Fertokova (Cze): 6 – M Peloakgosi vs S Youssef (Egy): A Sammons vs 3-JDutina (Serbia): C Tucker vs 8 R Kaiser (Syr): 7 – A Jones (Eng)vs P Sithole: A Clifton Parks vs 2 – M Louw).

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