8th Edition FIFA/CIES/NMMU Post Graduate/Adult Learner programme in Sport Management 2014/15

Applications for the 8th Edition of the internationally acclaimed FIFA/CIES/NMMU Post Graduate Certificate in Sport Management Programme are now being invited.   The NMMU is the only university in South and southern Africa who are contracted by the International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES) to offer this qualification.  It must also be noted that the course is not football specific but applicable to all sports.
An application form can be downloaded from the CIES or NMMU Websites. For your convenience I have also attached a copy of the brochure and application form.  Hard copies of the brochure/application form can also be sent via the post and, where possible, we can hand deliver.

Closing date for applications is 02 June 2014.  The programme commences on 08 September 2014.
I would appreciate it if you could please distribute and convey this information to those in your organization/networks/friends/colleagues who may be interested in applying to do this course.
Thank you.  Your assistance is most appreciated!
Queries can be directed to Buhle Dumbu buhlebethu.dumbu2@nmmu.ac.za or at 041-5043881.
Please see link: Brochure

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