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Millman Speaks Out
St. Lawrnce’s Beautiful Campus
Gaultier v Shabana
Matthew v Willstrop
Ashour v Shorbagy
US Squash’s Great Idea
US Squash’s Rules of the Road
Squash Fiction
Forcing the Weak CrossCourt
Truth & Rumors
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Millman Speaks
Richard Millman is smart, reflective and articulate regarding squash and its challenges.After the Olympics result, Richard reflects on squash and its challenges and opportunities.

To read Millman’s article, please click here.

St. Lawrence’s Beautiful Campus

After viewing this promotional video for St. Lawrence University’s campus, you might want to go there too.

To see the video, please click here.

Gaultier v Shabana
PSA recently released a full match replay of Gregory Gaultier v Amr Shabana. Two great players on a gorgeous show court.To see the match, please click here. 
Matthew v Willstop
PSA recently released a full match replay of Nick Matthew v James Willstrop.Both British. Both former PSA #1s. Both are not fans of the other.

To see the video, please click here. 

Ashour v Shorbagy
PSA recently released a full match replay of Ramy Ashour v Mohamed El Shorbagy.Two wonderfully, talented young Egyptians.  

To see the video, please click here.

US Squash’s Great Idea
We recently saw on the US Squash website, a new test section to teach how to referee a squash match.It is only a test section. But we hope they pursue this. It would be helpful for the many players who want this kind of video tutorial.

To see US Squash’s test page, please click here.

US Squash’s Rules of the Road
US Squash has thoughtfully put together some notes on etiquette for people on and off the court at squash tournaments.It’s worth a look.

To see US Squash’s rules of the road, please click here.

Aussie Squash Player Loses OAM Honor
Carin Clonda, a top squash official awarded an Order of Australia for services to the sport has been stripped of the gong after a court found she was dishonest and wanted to send the game’s NSW body broke.To read the story, please click here.
Squash Fiction League to Launch
Ted Gross and his team at Daily Squash Report have launched a squash fiction writing contest.We love that DSR keeps injecting new energy into the squash community.

To see Daily Squash Report’s article, please click here.

Forcing the Weak Cross Court
Jethro Binns, as he does with everything on Squash Skills,  does a really nice job in this video.To see Jethro’s video, please click here.

TRUTH & Rumors

  • Squash needs more people like Alan Thatcher. He’s doing some fun things with his new blogSquashMad.com.
    • But their post on Oct. 7 ( here) looked surprisingly similar to Oct. 2’s Truth and Rumors (here).
  • Seshadri is an active online poster on the Let’s Talk Squash forum. And he loves his PSA. But he doesn’t think the upcoming US Open will be fun to watch. Read why here.
  • PST squash pro and good guy Rob Wilkins got married this past weekend to his longtime girlfriend Stacey.
  • Speaking of PST WAGs, Rob’s brother Phil, who is an elite squash coach based in Tuxedo, NY was seen snuggling court side at PST’s Northeast Open with a very cute yoga instructor.
  • In college tennis, there is an interesting situation with letson the serve.
    • Division I tennis doesn’t play with lets any more, but Div. II and III still use lets.
    • So what to do when teams play one another across divisions? Well, the home team has the prerogative.
    • For example, if Tufts (Div. III) hosts Villanova (Div. I) for a tennis match, they would play with lets.
    • If Villanova hosts Tufts, no lets.
  • Jahangir Khan‘s father Roshan Khan was a pretty good player himself. He won the 1957 British Open and reached the finals in 1956 and 1960.
    • At that time, the British Open was regarded as squash’s world championship event.
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